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Day Care

In our Meadows, Church View and Rivelin Care Homes we are also able to offer day care services (subject to availability).

This can be an invaluable support for carers and for individuals who may need day care.

Our day care also gives you a chance to experience life in one of our homes first hand. Show rounds are fine, but there is nothing like spending time with other residents and our staff, taking part in the activities, trying out the food and facilities to help make your mind up about whether it would be somewhere you would like to stay either short term or longer term.



We believe you need to see for yourself, so are offering a free day care trial day (worth £50) at our Meadows, Church View and Rivelin Homes. Just call the relevant Home Manager to arrange. Trials stays are subject to availability.

To arrange a Free Trial Stay call:

Church View on 01472 885 814

Meadows on 01472 823 287

Rivelin on 01472 692 132